Terra is an entrepreneurial company operating in the field of urban renewal in Jerusalem. The company was founded by Baruch blau in 2013, later joined by a partner – Yonah Green. Those two entrepreneurs are prominent real estate and finance entities and bring significant financial strength together with extensive experience in leading complex real estate projects to success across the country and around the world.

The company specializes in the initiation, planning, management and execution of the urban renewal projects: Pinui Binui and Tama 38 in Jerusalem. The company combines economic and business resilience, many years of experience, essential knowledge and personal and human approach, enabling it to thoroughly accompany complex projects with dedicated personal care for each and every tenant.

Terra was selected by the Urban Renewal Index as one of the leading companies in the industry in Jerusalem in 2017.

Our Vision

We believe that the way to improve the quality of life is easy and pleasant, and we make sure that service is accessible and enjoyable throughout the process.

In every project we lead, we emphasize the desire to improve, and enhance the surrounding area, while providing the best and most suitable solutions for every apartment owner until the building is fully populated.

Company Management

The team leading the Terra company is made up of the best real estate and construction professionals in Israel. The team members have extensive experience in initiating and building large and complex projects in Israel and abroad and are educated in depth of the licensing laws of local and regional building committees before government offices and authorities.

The team consists of architects, engineers, lawyers and economists whose goal is to promote urban renewal projects in Jerusalem in the most professional and efficient way.

Baruch Blaw
partner and chairman

Real estate developer with experience in Israel and abroad, with emphasis on residential real estate for 10 years. Company partner and co-founder of the international finance and equity projects worldwide, iintoo.

Yona Green
partner and ceo

Architect and interior designer with extensive experience in managing and executing projects in Israel and abroad
profile_tal - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Tal Rachmani
Deputy CEO of Engineering

A construction engineer, project manager, and licensed safety inspector, Tal has overseen many complex projects, dealing with the various authorities at every stage of building to see each project through to completion. He is our chief executive in the areas of engineering and implementation.

profile_tamir - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Tamir Sacks

Accountant with extensive experience in the world of real estate, financing complex projects on a large scale. Master's degree and specializing in Project Finance (EMBA) and Business Administration.

profile_Moshe - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Moshe Richard

Architectural engineer, active in the urban renewal arena in Jerusalem and experienced in project promotion, as well as details of urban renewal with apartment owners and authorities.

profile_yanki - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Yanki Meizlish
VP Marketing and Sales

With a background in both law and communications studies, and over 20 years experience in the world of marketing and sales, Yanky specializes in the promotion and marketing of companies and the management of sales teams, with particular focus on real estate firms. He is active in the world of public relations and communications.

Daniel Levin
Project Coordinator

An ambitious young lawyer with experience in business development and project promotion, Daniel has the know-how to bring a deal to fruition.

profile_chezki - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Cheski Landao
Project Coordinator

Chezki is an experienced real estate project coordinator and brings 5 years of successful expertise in local residential sales. Chezki has a Bachelor's degree in Law.

profile_daniel - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Daniel Pomeranz
VP Business Development

Certified economist and real estate appraiser, held key positions in the field of real estate and as the improvement manager of a large authority in the center, responsible for all areas of business development in the company

Ester Kohelet
Office Manager

Odayah Peretz
Tenant Change Coordinator

Yehudit Avlis
Customer Service Representative

Yonathan Gort
Tenant Coordinator

Esty Blummenshtock

Tehila Melinsky
Tenant Coordinator

Henia Bitter

Bracha Schapira

Chani Krakover
Promotes zoning plans

Hodayah Schabtai
Planning Officer

Keren Saadu
Information Systems

Yehudit Apter
Planning Officer

Hodayah Salamon
Coordinates tenant changes

Levia Buchnik
Coordinates tenant changes

Noam Lisenko
Safety assistant

Tzachi Sadeh
Construction Inspector

Yanky Harush

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our strengths


Contact with the tenants is the most important thing for us. We work with tenants in full transparency, presenting project progress directly, available and understandable. For this purpose, we have established dedicated departments that believe in the highest service to tenants at every stage – a preliminary stage recruitments department and an existing tenant department through which we provide tenants with a personal escort that meets his unique needs.


Time is a key factor in the urban renewal process due to frequent policy changes by the authorities. We specialize in efficient and effective utilization of the time available to us, thanks to our deep knowledge and experience of licensing and execution, that we accumulated from all the goings-on in the industry in Jerusalem, in addition to the department of extensive planning that allows us to complete the planning with the tenants and the licensing at maximum speed.


The company’s current
cash flow comes from the equity of its partners, capital which has accumulated
over the years from various real estate activities with
different roles: Blau, as a  partner of
the iintoo funds,  and Green as one
of the Green family members of Zurich, one of the most affluent Jewish families
in Europe. The two of them together give the company financial stability and
trust from the banking system.

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