Pinui Binui Jerusalem - the right way​

Only recently has the local planning and construction committee agreed to the construction and evacuation plan (Pinui Binui) in Jerusalem, under which they will be building 587 housing units, in addition to the old housing units that will be demolished and rebuilt. The assessment is that Jerusalem has the potential to establish around 30,000 housing units, including Pinui Binui ventures. Overall, since the Jerusalem Municipality launched Hitchadshut Urban Renewal in 2014, 2,000 housing units have been approved and another 10,000 are in the approval process for Pinui Binui and urban renewal projects.

Urban renewal projects in general, and evacuation construction ventures in particular, play an important role in solving the housing crisis in Israel, largely due to land scarcity for construction. Within the frame of Pinui Binui ventures in Jerusalem, the number of housing units built in 2016 constitutes 15% of the total construction in Israel. The Municipality can increase the supply of housing units in the city without preparing any additional land. The company Moriah, is responsible for the urban planning of Project Pinui Binui in Jerusalem, the subsidiary of the Jerusalem Municipality, functioning as the city’s planning and building ‘arm’.

Pinui Binui in Jerusalem - Demolish to the core and build anew​

Practically, Pinui Binui is a government program designed to fortify old buildings, similar to Tama 38 and urban renewal in general. Initial approval for the Pinui Binui project, depends on a series of defined criteria by both the government, as well as local and regional planning and construction committees, and which the building must comply with, for approval of the plan. As part of the project, the building is completely demolished and rebuilt with the addition of further housing units, thereby gaining profit in order to fund the entire project. This way, the apartment owners can enjoy a new home without financing the construction from out of their own pockets.

Project Pinui Binui and other similar projects require a thorough design process, both to ensure that they comply with regulator rules and regulations, as well as ensuring that provide the best possible solution for the buildings’ occupants. As part of the project, apartment owners can design their home from new, including adding a private parking area and modernizing the building.

Facing and coping with the complex factors involved

On the one hand, the contractor will strive to minimize the project costs, as long as it meets the key terms of the program. On the other hand, the apartment owner wants to gain the maximum possible from a project like this one, both in design and execution. With these points in mind, the apartment owners face a number of significant challenges, including obtaining the consent of all the building’s occupants, addressing legitimate problems that may arise from apartment owners who are unable to find a home replacement during work, and of course dealing with the contractor and the authorities, including planning, supervision and control of the project’s process 

Pinui Binui in Jerusalem - Do it right and get your dream apartment

In many cases, apartment owners find themselves in a cumbersome situation, where the intervention of the building supervisor and even of the court are required. Additionally, there are many cases in which apartment owners discover in retrospect, that they could have achieved much more than what was agreed with the contractor, or the contractor failed to meet all of his obligations under the agreement.

All of these situations can be avoided by delegating authority to manage the project by a professional entity, such as Hitchadshut, that specializes in carrying out Pinui Binui in Jerusalem.

Hitchadshut walks hand in hand with you, executing the entire process of Pinui Binui in your building. The company manages engagements with the parties involved while you gain all the rights and options available to you. You will be walked through the entire process, including the initiation and implementation stages, ensuring that the apartment you receive at the end of the project will be exactly as you dreamed, as agreed and as it should be.

There are cases of Pinui Binui in Jerusalem where deliberation and hesitancy cost dearly.

Do not deliberate and do not hesitate. Call us on 073-780-0999 and we will lay down the valuable package you will enjoy while working with us.

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