Asset 43@300x - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים
Asset 43@300x - חברת טרא מתמחה בפינוי בינוי ותמ"א 38 בירושלים

Tama 38 in Jerusalem

Is it possible to carry out a Tama 38 project in Jerusalem?​

Project Tama 38 Jerusalem has been approved in the city only since the year 2014 after the District Commission formulated all the rules and guidelines for implementing the plan in different parts of the city.

According to the law, construction rights granted to the contractor will be limited to the addition of 2.5 additional floors and will not be allowed in historic parts of the city, as defined by the municipality and in collaboration with the Misrad HaPanim.

What is Tama 38?

Project Tama 38 is a government program, designed to achieve one major goal: fortifying old buildings from earthquakes. In order to allow each building to go through the reinforcement process, the government has built a scheme that allows the buildings’ occupants to pay for the reinforcement work, via building rights that will be given to the contractor, for building apartments at the top of the building and selling them for a profit. This way, the apartment owners themselves are not required to pay for the work.

Since the contractor is already doing thorough and comprehensive construction work on the building, the plan also allows the renovation work to expand in order to renew the building, including components such as adding an elevator, balconies, private parking, lobby renovation, apartment expansion, etc. all in exchange for the building rights granted to the contractor, which is worth a lot of money for him.

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Potential Neighbours in Jerusalem for Tama 38

Apartment owner Consent

For the purpose of implementing Project Tama 38 Jerusalem, or anywhere else for that matter, full consent of all the occupants of the building must be obtained. If an apartment owner is reluctant to take part in the project for any reason, the apartment owners have the right to contact the regional inspector or the court. In many cases, the court will require the reluctant apartment owner to agree to the move.


Apartment owners must contact with a potential contractor and reach agreements on all components of the renovation and the rights granted to them for construction at the top of the building.

At this stage, it is of great importance to know the options available to apartment owners of the building, the components that may or may not require the contractor and everything relevant in order to achieve the maximum within the course of the move.

All of Project Tama 38 in Jerusalem requires obtaining all required regulatory approval from the relevant authorities. At this stage it is very important that Tama 38 Jerusalem Municipality obtain all permits before reaching any agreement with the contractor, in order to avoid making commitments that the apartment owners of the building will not be able to meet. This also applies to planning remodelling components that the regulator does not approve of as part of the project scheme.

The regulatory approvals must go through a process of approval by a local and provincial planning committee, as well as obtaining approval from the relevant national committees.

Furthermore, with every step of building fortification, as part of Project Tama 38 Jerusalem, it is recommended and of extreme importance to go through the process with an expert professional. Hitchadshut specializes in entrepreneurship, managing and executing Tama 38 Jerusalem and has a high reputation in managing urban renewal projects.

Hitchadshut will walk hand in hand with you throughout the process, guide you through the planning and execution stages and secure your interests against all the parties involved.

Call us today on 073-780-0999 and we will strive for you to get the maximum out of the process, avoiding expensive mistakes along the way.

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