terra is an entrepreneurial company operating in the field of urban renewal in Jerusalem.
The company was founded by Baruch Belvi in 2013, later joined by a partner – Yonah Green. Those two entrepreneurs are prominent real estate and finance entities, bringing significant financial strength together with extensive experience in leading complex real estate projects to success across the country and around the world.
Terra specializes in the initiation, planning, management and execution of urban renewal projects, ‘Pinui-Banui’ and ‘Tama 38’, in Jerusalem.
The company combines economic and business resilience, many years of experience, essential knowledge and a personal approach, enabling it to accompany complex projects with personal care and an answer for every apartment owner.
Terra was selected by the Urban Renewal Index as one of the leading companies in the industry of urban renewal in Jerusalem, in the year 2017.
Assisted by a professional and experienced team in promoting urban renewal projects in Jerusalem, terra is leading urban renewal in Jerusalem and moving forward with 20 projects at various stages, from the permit phase to the construction phase.
The values in which terra excels are security, service and efficiency by recruiting the leading professionals in the field, raising a large number of shareholders’ equity from the company’s partners and being fully backed-up by Bank HaPoalim.
Terra believes in providing an experience of the highest level of customer service, achieved by establishing dedicated departments that cater to apartment owners. Our planning department within the company are dedicated to advancing projects quickly and efficiently.

terra are promoting with 20 projects at various stages,
from the permit phase to the construction phase. So, what about your building?

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